A day at work flashes by my very eyes

A time lapse video of a day at work captured using an iBot webcam and some crontab trickery

time lapse video of 7th March 2005 at the office

A day of my working life caught using time lapse video. Each frame represents one minute and the frame rate is 15 fps. Each 4 seconds of video is an hour of real time. If you slow the video down you can see a lot more detail.

There is a lot of darkness at the beginning of the video (about 28 seconds) since 7:00 am is about the time work gets some daylight and the first frame represents 12:00 am.

The frames were captured on a Mac mini from 2 iBot webcams using a cmdline utility I wrote. A crontab entry takes a snapshot from each camera once a minute. The mpeg4 video was generated from the individual jpeg frames using mencoder from the mplayer package.

Requires divx plugin available from 3ivx

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