udrepper: Memory and Cache Paper

Excellent paper on memory and cache from a programmer’s point of view. It still surprises how little most programmers know about the hardware they are programming on. Thanks for the great paper Ulrich, it is bound to improve the quality of code out there.

Ulrich Drepper (udrepper) wrote, @ 2007-11-21 18:09:00 Entry tags: programming Memory and Cache Paper Well, it’s finally done. I’ve uploaded the PDF of the memory and cache paper to my home page. You can download it but do not re-publish it or make it available in any form to others. I do not want multiple copies flying around, at least not while I’m still intending to maintain the document. With Jonathan Corbet’s help the text should actually be readable. I had to change some of the text in the end to accommodate line breaks in the PDF. So I might have introduced problems, don’t think bad about Jonathan’s abilities. Aside, this is a large document. You simply go blind after a while, I know I do. Which brings me to the next point. Even though I intend to maintain the document, don’t expect me to do much in the near future. I’ve been working on it for far too long now and need a break. Integrating all the editing Jonathan produced plus today’s line breaking have given me the re [From udrepper: Memory and Cache Paper]